Working hand in hand with photographer Erik Almas, and Jim Hughes, Alice Blue designed and created the Brain Phones to showcase the patients inability to turn off his hunger. 

Initial design exploration provided multiple options to best complement the photography, and to tell the story of the patient. Once selected, brain phones were modeled, textured, lit and rendered for two different facing campaigns, resulting in 18 ads, and 2 full videos. 

Footage was edited, color graded, tracked and composited with full brain phone animation. In addition, Alice Blue handled the sound design and mix. 

A full production campaign including all facets, is what we do best!

Alice Blue Production Company

HCP Director: Erik Almas
Non-HCP Director: Jim Hughes
CGI Design: Chris Warden
Animation Supervisor, Lead Animator: Kris Rivel
Modeling, Texture, Light & Render: Chris Warden
HCP Post Production: Chris Bodie, Josh Zuercher
Non-HCP Post Production: Josh Zuercher
Tracking: Kris Rivel
Visual FX/Composite Lead: Pete Amante
Sound Design: Overcoast
Agency: Fingerpaint​​​​​​​
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