We are super proud of the work that we did to create a series of rascally veggies in ‘Good Food Gone Bad’. From sketch to 3D creation, to animation, and even virtual reality, our Characters lived all over NYC on a mission to promote healthier eating. They even made their star appearance on Billboards in Times Square. 

The success of the characters are in the little details, expressions, and their ability to be cute and mad all at the same. Their purpose was to turn up the heat on unhealthy eating habits and make sure that junk food was #GONE BAD FOR GOOD. The list of awards is long for this robust, fun and creative campaign.
Alice Blue Production Company
Character Design: Lena Pigareva, Chris Warden
Character Modeling: Lena Pigareva, Chris Warden
Environment and Props: Lena Pigareva, Chris Warden, Kris Rivel
Motion Lead: Kris Rivel
Rigging: Nico Sanghrajka
Character Animation: Anderson Ko, Rob Dollase, Dan Barker
Lighting and Rendering: Kris Rivel
Sound Design: Overcoast
Agency: CDM
Client: American Heart Association​​​​​​
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