JNSQ WINERY: Wonderful
The talented Erik Almas came to us to supplement a Still Campaign that he was crafting for unique JNSQ Wine brand, a California based winery that produces a new wine made from select California grapes and crafted in the style of the French Rosés and Sauvignon Blancs. JNSQ and Erik wanted to capture the uniqueness of the flavor by creating a series of cinemagraphs that transport you to the endless, dreamy worlds envisioned for the still campaign. Each of these environments evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication and our animation details added to that aura with moving clouds, flowing water, fabric blowing in the breeze and even 2D animation of swans breaking loose from the wallpaper.  Finally we worked with Erik and his editor Katie Hetland, handling all visual fx, composite work, color grading, and a little magic here and there to create a full length video. We are proud to have been a team member on this beautiful campaign.
Working from layered files supplied from Director Erik Almas, individual layers were carefully created separating elements in each scene to be manipulated in post production. Animated 3d geometry was swapped into some scenes, utilizing Soft Image and After Effects. To bring dimension and depth into the Cafe Scene, we animated 2D frame-by-frame Swans flying off and landing on the wallpaper. The result is a seamless marriage of photography, 3d animation and post-motion visual effects.
Alice Blue Production Company
Director: Erik Almas
Post Visual Effects: Kris Rivel
2D Animation of Swans: Elias Dancey
Cinemagraph Retouching: Josh Zuercher
Still Retouching: Chris Bodie
Agency: Wonderful
Client: JNSQ Winery
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