SK SCIENCE: Keep the Lights On
With a strong pipeline of products focused on potential treatments for disorders such as epilepsy, sleep disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, SK Life Science is working to redefine the future of CNS therapies with products that may make a difference in the lives of patients. Keeping the lights on for CNS.

SK Life Science, a subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals, looked to highlight the launch of its commercial corporate presence and infrastructure in the United States, by reinforcing their goal to 'Keep the Lights On' for research and treatments into the CNS sector to improve the lives of their patients. 

Our goal was to provide them with a robust campaign that provided beautifully lit graphic portraits, set against magical starry skies, for both still and motion needs. 


Our integrated production process involved Photography and Live Action, CGI, Post Production and Animation to bring to life the graphic concepts of our partners, CDM Princeton. CG was perfect for the creation of unique cities; this combined with our hand painted skies, highlighted the beautiful portraits of the hero talent. 

We approached the motion a bit differently combining Live Action with projected still renders, and a little bit of magic, allowing us to provide animations for all concepts. Developing an integrated solution to address both creative and budget requirements is what Alice Blue does best. 

Your ideas. Our talent. Creative thrives!

Alice Blue Production Company

Photographer: Eric Lusher
CGI Lead Artist: Chris Warden
Post Production: Josh Zuercher, Chris Warden
Motion Design: Kris Rivel
Casting: Modelogic
Agency: CDM Princeton
Client: SK Sciences

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