NEXIUM 24HR: Tame the Acid Beast​​​​​​​

We had to get doctors to see frequent heartburn for what it is so we set out to create a ferocious burning beast. One that would capture the discomfort of frequent heartburn. We developed a fiery-breathing dragon, literally living in a patients stomach. One that can only be tamed by Nexium 24HR. We wanted the dragon to feel alive and the stomach to be something you would see in a medical textbook. 

To capture the spirit of the Dragon, we sought out inspiration from the Animal Kingdom. Hundreds of reference images were compiled to refine the character. An alligator provided the basis for the strong square head. And a dinosaur served as the framework for the muscular body. His detailed facial features mimicked that of the Komodo Dragon with its wide snout and reptilian eyes. 

Once the character was modeled, Crocodile skin was used as the source for his texture, giving him a sharp leathery feel. We infused the texture with red hot tones to convey the acidic fiery nature of frequent heartburn. 

Lastly we added binding gold rings and smoke to his snout, and defined his facial expression to convey anger, creating a frustrated Dragon, consumed by his inability to wreak havoc. 

NEXIUM 24HR: Tame the Acid Beast

Working with the great team at CDM, Alice Blue designed the iconic character of the Burning Dragon to personify the discomfort of Heartburn, for their client Nexium 24HR. Burnie's environment, which reveals at the end to be a patients' stomach, was modeled after a dark and fiery lair, complete with acid pits and lava pool. After an epic battle, Nexium 24HR comes to the rescue, with their magic particles subduing the heartburn. The iconic rings of the Nexium 24HR brand morph and turn into gold bands which finally manages to Tame the Acid Beast.

Combining the ferocious Dragon movements, with a little touch of humor, means that the Character Animation needs to be spot on. In the liquid pools, to the particle dissolve of the pill, the nuanced detail that the artists at Alice Blue provide to every project are seen throughout. And kudos to Red Amp Audio for a killer sound track!

Alice Blue Production Company

Character Design: Lena Pigareva
Motion Supervisor/Lead Animator: Kris Rivel
Modeling: Lena Pigareva, Kris Rivel, Chris Warden
Character Animation: John Ford, Anderson Ko
Lighting, Rendering: Lena Pigareva, Kris Rivel
Rigging: Lee Wolland
Post Production: Lena Pigareva, Kris Rivel
Sound Design: Red Amp Audio
VO Talent: Chris Andrews
Agency: CDM NY
Client: Nexium 24HR​​​​​​​
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