Numbers That Care

Working with Dan Escobar and his team was great fun and as always, led to a beautiful campaign for CDM. We were tasked with designing and creating a series of numbers that were soft and caring, but with strength and form. Our first step was to do a texture exploration covering a range of options from Jersey to Felt, finally resting on the selection of Soft Terry Cloth to set the stage for the Hero numbers. 

After the creation of the characters, we worked with Dan to composite a series of hero compositions, as well as Seamless portraits on white. Adjusting lighting and form to rest, bend and support the patient. We then set to work on a series of simple, clean but iconic animations. Alice Blue handled all editing, color grading, CGI animation and final Comp work. This campaign has long been one of our favorites for its simple, but elegant look and feel. 
Alice Blue Production Company
Character Design: Kris Rivel
Model, Furring, Animation, Light and Render: Kris Rivel
Editor, VFX: Pete Amante
Rigging, Tracking: Kris Rivel
Post Production: Josh Zuercher, Lena Pigareva
Agency: CDM NY
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