Poop-a-Chew: Save the Dung Beetle

Meet Poop-A-Chew! Poop-A-Chew is a no-nonsense dung beetle who doesn’t take anyone’s “crap.” He works hard and feels unappreciated. It goes without saying that he has a very large chip on his shoulder. But he has a heart of gold if you can get through his tough guy exterior!

It is fun to try and determine what a Dung Beetle would look like when translated into a fun, innocent child-like character. But that is exactly what we did. His hard shell 'cape', large expressive eyes, and fun attire are all details that our Character Designer brought into the making of Poop-a-Chew.

Poop-a-Chew: Comes to Life

Once our Poop-a-Chew Character was created, it was time to get our little guy moving. Further design and modeling had to be considered as we looked towards details of his backside that would be revealed in the animation series.  

Once he was completely designed, full rigging was done with our character on ALL four arms, with detailed rigs created for his face. We worked with Rainmaker for the VO casting and recording session, along with sound design. As our character was speaking directly to the audience, we shot video of our talent's recording session.  This gave us great mannerisms, and facial expressions to mimic during the character animation process. 

The small details in the character animation are quite funny. With our very limited scene environment, the focus was all on our Dung Beetle and the mission that he was on!

Final steps of Light and Render, and Composite/Edit and our Poop-a-Chew was ready for prime time!

Alice Blue Production Company

Character Design: Lena Pigareva
Character Modeling: Lena Pigareva
Environment and Props: Lena Pigareva, Kris Rivel
Motion Lead: Kris Rivel​​​​​​​
Character Animation: Anderson Ko
Rigging: Kris Rivel
Lighting: Kris Rivel
Rendering: Mirko Jankovic
Poop-a-Chew: James Murray
Announcer: Michael Ashcroft
Sound Design: Rainmaker
Agency: Broadhead
Client: Cydectin

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