Ridgeback Insecticide

Insects have seen it all. But they have never seen anything like this! From look development, to all organic modeling, texture, light and render, this slick animation has really been a creative collaboration. As our teflon Aphid journeys through time, nothing can stop it. Not dinosaurs, ice boulders, or even fiery rocket exhaust. Check it out and find what finally stops him in his tracks!

Ice Age Behind the Scenes
Dinosaur Era Behind the Scenes
Alice Blue Production Company
Look Development: Howard Winterson, Lena Pigareva 
Executive Producer: Meredith Ott 
Character Design/Creation: Kris Rivel, Howard Winterson, Diego Maricato 
Character Animation: Kris Rivel, Anderson Ko, Daniel Barker 
Rigging: Kris Rivel, Dan Barker 
Scene Creation: Kris Rivel, Howard Winterson, Lincoln Durham 
Scene Animation: Kris Rivel, Howard Winterson 
Sound Design: Overcoast Music 
Agency: Bader Rutter 
Client: Corteva Agriscience
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