THOMAS BUILT BUSES: Electronic Journey

Who could forget the iconic yellow school bus we all know so well? Follow Thomas Built Buses' exciting new electric journey as they take an icon and modernize it for the next wave of brilliant minds. Bringing this to life, our team envisioned this new bus, 'Jouley', traveling through an all electronic world created in CGI. 

Every element was designed and created to replicate an electronic element that corresponded with a building in a city, or a silo on a rural highway, or even a suburban neighborhood.  While the detail looks simple and seamless, the process to create and replicate its motherboard counter part was anything but.  All details of the three environments, and the additional scenes that connected the environments for the animation were created with high detail that allowed us to have camera moves, tight in and following Jouley along the journey.   

The result is a playful, high tech environment, that supports our hero's mission for an electronic world, reducing emissions and supporting the goal for a greener world for all.  

Alice Blue Production Company

CGI Designers:  Howard Winterson, Kris Rivel, Jesse Zamjahn, Pedro Murteira, Josh Kitney
Animation: Kris Rivel, Howard Winterson, Shannon Honaker
Post Production: Josh Zuercher. Lena Pigareva
Sound Studio: Overcoast
Agency: HMH Agency
Client: Thomas Built Buses

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